Chuck, Jack, Katherine

by chackerine

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released December 19, 2015

All songs by Chackerine: Chuck Vicious, Jack Katze, and Katherine Dohan. "Blue Egg Blues" by Katherine Dohan and Claire Chenette "Think About You Every Day" by Katherine Dohan with Saul Alpert-Abrams and David B. Greenberg
Recorded by Bobby Lee Lirette 2012

Cover art by Alexandra Eastburn, layout by Chuck Vicious
Thanks: McKenzie Stonis, Booger and What, Ben Siler, David Goodman, and our friends who partied with us at the Memphis Beach
Contact: chuckvicious at gmail dot com, jackkatze at gmail dot com katherine.dohan at gmail dot com



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chackerine Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Run to the Sun
you can't go far / cause you're too scared / you won't leave town again / your gas tank is on e / you wont get to see your friends / you've got to run run run run run run to the sun
Track Name: Memphis Beach
let's all go to the memphis beach / where all the kids go to beat the heat / see the ghost of the manatee / it's where we're all happy / let's lay down on my favorite towel / we can talk or maybe even make out / sandcastles on the memphis beach / c'mon everyone, let's go for a swim/ don't be afraid to jump right in / light brown sand stuck in my skin / it's where we're all happy / it you're stuck in the undertow / relax with a nap in my boat by the shore / pterodactyls at the memphis beach / coconuts, bonfires, jerry "the king" lawler / and the catfish are swimming around and around / memphis beach
Track Name: Free the Monkey
i see a monkey with no banana / it's got apples from alabama / it is all alone and hungry / i feel sorry for my monkey / it is swinging merrily from tree to tree let's free the monkey / they took me from the jungle / and put me in the zoo / i miss all of my friends / but they don't give me any food / i'm left all alone and swinging / i'm gonna start a new petition / freeing the monkey's my only mission / i fight and i fight but nobody listens / i'm gonna put on my catsuit / im gonna sneak in with my lock pick / and sneak into the house of primates / and let the monkey out through the front gate!
Track Name: Blue Egg Blues
one spring i loved a robin's nest / i watched two birds build it with sticks and feathers / each morning i watched their gutter home from over a bowl of cheerios / three perfect blue eggs in a perfect brown bed / i waited for you to hatch / three fluffy balls softly crying and growing, did you see me through the glass? / i knew that someday you'd have to go, leave me with national public radio / i already had enough holes, in my bowl / spots of milk on my nose / spots of milk on my toes / i will have the strongest bones / god bless this bowl of cheerios / i watched you get stronger and ready to fly / you got wings, i got down / you got low, i got high / i stayed stuck in the kitchen chair / i'll never grow feathers, i only grow hair / birds will grow, birds will go / i sit here and eat cheerios / mothers flush dead fish down toilet bowls / bread grows mold, songs get sold / the sewer is swimming with goldfish bones / bread grows mold, songs get sold / i sit here and eat cheerios / which little robin's the one that I love / when you're one of so many picking in the mud / you won't recognize me or love me back / when you're searching for worms in the sidewalk cracks
Track Name: Floating Around
tired of floating round in your hot air balloon / tired of floating round in your red rubber room / you can see above me / but you left your sand down here / i can't spot you from the ground / how can i get you down? / you're floating around / bouncing through clouds / wearing your gown / your basket's unwound / you can bounce me up and down / you can fly me all around / all four walls have padding / you know i can't feel a thing
Track Name: Theme of Chackerine
if you fear that you forgot how to groove, and you're getting colder / never fear, tonight's about to improve, it's about to get bolder / If you're lost and you forgot your keys / call us and we'll tow you/ like wild flowers wanna know the breeze, we wanna get to know you / if your home is full of pain and sorrow / call on us, we'll be there on the double, we'll be there tomorrow / cause we've got all the gear, and a moving van / never never fear, cause we're a moving van
Track Name: Pillpower
you used to think i was fine, but now you don't look at me any of the time / you put me on your bottom shelf, and now you're going with somebody else / but i'm loving you / the seed pod's burs / the dandelion's blown / things could be worse, i know / oh I keep seeing you everywhere that i go, and i get so depressed at night
Track Name: Think About You Every Day
think about you every day / think about loving you for tomorrow / she won't stop/ and the morning / keeps moving on / and the afternoon / she won't stop / then in the evening/ when time goes so slow / and i need someone / will you be mine?
Track Name: Skeleton Nose
this is the last thing i have to say / before they put me away / i see fire in every place / melting limbs, crimson stains / squeeze the fear from empty veins / restless hands feeling the pain / why's your skin talking to me? / it's wrapped itself around my knee / please give knee back it's cap / skin get cancer without that / lost the shape of your lips / i ran into a cardiac eclipse / the cap blocks the darkened sun / kissing yourself and sucking blood / peel the onions out of my eye / can't stop the smell of my friend's frying / wherever my brain blows / the skeleton nose